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Mowzie's Mobs (logo).png Metalus tormalus is the guardian of the Raid including xJohny. When no one is around, Metalus tormalus stands still looking down with his ax. On the other hand, if a player is nearby, he starts looking at the player for 2 seconds, then slowly runs towards the player with his ax, intending to hit him. Metalus tormalus wears metal armor, hence its name. He also has 35 hearts with armor equal to 230.
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start standing still, with their arms resting on their axe. When a player comes nearby or they are attacked, they ready themselves and start attacking. They are also immune to all sources of damage, except during their vertical swing attack.

When a Ferrous Wroughtnaut is attacking, it slowly marches towards its target, sometimes stopping to use one of the following attacks:

  • Swing its axe in a horizontal arc after a short delay, deal
  • Swing its axe in a vertical arc after a short delay, dealing 45 damage to what it hits and getting its axe stuck in the ground. While the axe is stuck, the Wroughtnaut is vulnerable and may be damaged once in its back.
  • Stomp the ground with its foot, causing some nearby blocks to be launched upwards while dealing up to 6 damage to nearby mobs and knocking them a little away. Mobs closer to the Wroughtnaut take more damage and are knocked further. As of Mowzies Mobs 1.5.20 and higher, this attack can be dodged by jumping at the right time
  • Possible Lore
  • The Ferrous Wroughtnuat could be connected to the Grottol
  • It possibly could be made from many Grottols and maybe a human soul.

When killed it drops a Wrought Helm and an Axe of a Thousand Metals.

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